A-Z Soil Pro Chisel Plow

Description of the A-Z Soil Pro

The A-Z Soil Pro is a versatile tool because it can work from 15 cm to 50 cm. It is ideal for a primary job in a single pass.

Depending on requirements, it can be used as a chisel-plow or subsoiler. The A-Z Soil Pro is able to break up hard  plow pans and promoting naturel drainage.

His heavy duty  frame allows working in the most difficult conditions. It can be used in all the stubbles, corn stocks, soya fields, cereal stubbles and alfalfa fields.

The frame

The  rigid frame 100x100mm to 150×150, welded, is available in 2.15m to 4.30m.

All the frames are rigid and fixed on a three point hitch.

The teeth are mounted on 3 rows


The packer  22” / 560mm Ø consists of seven tubes of 2” / 50mm  Ø.

New! Spike roller single or double

Available for all models

Packer functions:

Quick and precise adjustment of the depth of work (without tools).

Heavy duty capacity.

Happy levelling!

The models

Satisfied customers

During a passage at 9″ the whole surface of the ground is broken and I also noticed an improvement of the drainage of my fields.”

STÉPHANE GUAY • Brownsburg-Chatham, Quebec

I noticed a change in my yields because the soil is decompacted and the roots can grow better. The drainage of my land takes place more quickly. With the A – Z Soil Pro I increased my speed in the work of my fields in the autumn.”

GUYLAIN OUELETTE • Ferme-Neuve, Quebec

The A-Z Soil Pro is a good tool for unpacking the soil. It’s faster for the work of my fields in the fall.


What I like about the A-Z Soil Pro is that the roller carries the full length, the finish is even, good surface work and the possibility of breaking the plowing sole. I have good results in my crops and it is faster than plowing.”

GABRIEL TURGEON • Latulippe, Quebec