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About us

GRUPPER NDS was founded in 2001 by Raimond Reber and Louise Morin from Notre-Dame-de-la- Salette in the Outaouais. In the beginning the equipment was built for the family farm’s needs. Their goal was to reduce the number of passes over the soil, to transition from traditional methods of tillage/plowing to minimal tillage (A-Z Soil Pro) and decrease costs. This equipment spike interest in the Outaouais region which inspired Mr Reber to market the A-Z Soil Pro.

Our commitment

GRUPPER NDS is committed to offer you a reliable, durable and affordable piece of equipment with very little maintenance.


The A-Z Soil Pro Models

The A-Z Soil Pro is a versatile and robust tool


Video capsules and photos

The A-Z Soil Pro in action


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